Finance and Insurance

Spokane’s Finance and Insurance sector offers the highest average annual wages of the five Targeted Industries. The sector’s recovery from the recession has been led by job growth in the Insurance Agencies and Brokerages, Credit Unions, and Medical Insurance Carriers subsectors. As the regulatory environment continues to evolve in health insurance and financial activities, more jobs are expected to be created in order to manage the changing landscape. The increased property sales volume throughout the Spokane region, in both commercial and residential real estate, is also driving job growth within the Mortgage Loan subsector, which was hit hard during the nation-wide recession.

2013 Industry Jobs in Spokane County


2018 Industry Jobs in Spokane County


Total Change


Average Annual % Change


2018 Average Earnings per Worker


Source: JobsEQ



2018 In Demand Occupations - Business and Financial Operations (SOC 13.0000)
Human Resource Specialists
Management Analysts
Training and Development Specialists
Market Research Analysts
Business Operations Specialists
Accountants and Auditors
Appraisers and Assessors


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